The Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

Top 8 Pocket Knife Sharpeners Comparison

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1. SMITH’S PP1 Pocket Pal Multi-function Sharpener

The Smith’s PP1 is one of those useful items that everybody should carry in their pockets. It comes with its own sharpening system. It has one slot in ceramic stones for the fine strips and the other in carbide blades. Actually, due to its pre-set crossed carbides and specially shaped ceramic stones which will give a razor sharp on either standard or serrated edges, it can provide the perfect edge every time. Furthermore, this model of sharpener is compact, lightweight and durable. Nowadays, most people are buying this model from Smith’s, because it is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to sharpening systems.

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2. SPYDERCO TRI-ANGLE Sharpmaker 204MF

Despite the fact that it is a full system, the Spyderco it is still portable in a small box. It comes with two sets of high alumina ceramic stones, including a pair of medium-grit stones which are used for aggressive sharpening and a set of fine stones that are used for professional grade finishing. The stones are SpyderEdges on corners and triangular for sharpening Plainedge on the flat sides. Moreover, if you are thinking about buying such a product, you should know that it comes with a set of brass safety rods which will protect your hands while sharpening. Plus, there are also some useful extra instructions for both experts and beginners alike.

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3. 2 x Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The Lansky pocket sharpener was designed to repair all types of knife blades. It is very efficient and it acts like an entire sharpening kit. It is able to tackle regular or serrated blades, gut hooks and more. Additionally, it’s important to know that it comes with some impressive elements, such as tungsten carbide, ceramic sharpening rods which polish to a finished edge in three or four strokes, serrated knife sharpener which was designed to get inside even the smallest serrations and the diamond tapered rod used for fast reconditioning and maintenance. Therefore, if you are looking for a pocket knife sharpener that you can take anywhere with you, the 2 x Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic will be perfect.

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4. AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

If you are looking for a useful item which can help you restore your knife blades, but you don’t have enough money, you need to know that there are also some affordable sharpeners such as AccuSharp 001 which can provide the desired results. It features a unique and ergonomic handle and it also includes a full-length guard, which should protect your fingers throughout the sharpening process. Plus, the AccuSharp 001 has diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades for normal sharpening and diamond-coated rods for a more aggressive sharpening performance. Its easy-to-use design makes it an amazing tool for everybody, including professional kitchens, hunters, fishermen, gardeners and so on.

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5. SOG Firestarter / Sharpener SH03-CP

The SOG Firestarter and the ceramic sharpener is an amazing product which combines two essential elements in a concise and innovative package. This must-have tool has a small black plastic handle with a flat diamond sharpening pad, a cylindrical ceramic sharpener used for a more precise sharpening and a small ferro rod attached that creates decent sparks however it will wear down quickly. Moreover, it is compact and lightweight and it can easily be attached to any keychain. This way, you can have it with you all the time. On the other hand, like any other product the SOG Firestarter also has disadvantages. The glue which holds the pieces into the plastic handle is not too strong, so if you are not careful and drop it on the floor, the diamond plate and the ferro rod can fall out. However, it this will happen, you can use another glue to re-adhere them.

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6. Wusthof 2899 2-Stage pocket knife sharpener

The Wusthof 2899 is a pocket-size sharpener with 2 different slots designed for easy use. In fact, the first slot is for cutting the new edge and the second slot is using a fine ceramic to hone the knife to a keen edge. There are various models available on the market and some of them are so dull and they need a major change while others are pretty sharp, but they need some fine-tuning. However, the Wusthof 2899 is a handy pocket knife sharpener which does both. Moreover, its small size makes it easy to carry in a tackle box or backpack.

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7. Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener

The Lansky Quit is just a handy little tool which can do a great job with its two sharpening elements. The first side of the disc has a tungsten carbide and provide a fine edge, while the another side has a ceramic sharpener, just perfect for smoothing off the newly formed edge. Its molded rubber grip will ensure a solid, slip-free use. Moreover, this versatile and compact item comes with such a low price, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your pocket.

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8. Fiskars Pocket Knife Sharpener 3247

Your pocket knife will become less useful if left with a dull blade. Actually, a dull blade can be very dangerous and it can cause a lot of accidents. However, thanks to Fiskars this will not happen. The Fiskars is one of those items that provide a good job. It comes with two stage ceramic rods, a pre-set ceramic sharpening rods and a coarse rod which is used to remove blade imperfections and restore the edge. If you have any doubts about this tool, it’s good to know that it will absolutely do the job.

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What to Look for in a Pocket Knife Sharpener

Do you want to keep the blades of your pocket knives in a top notch shape at all times, ensuring that they will cut perfectly every time you use them? Then check out the following lines to find out what you must look for when buying a pocket knife sharpener, the tool that will help you keep the knives in a great shape.

  • Abrasive surface
  • For such a tool to perform great, it must feature a hard abrasive surface in order to withstand many uses against the metal in the blades of the knives. The ideal material to look for is diamond as it is the hardest sharpening material, followed by polished ceramic and tungsten carbide. To figure out whether the abrasiveness level is good, look at the grit – the higher the number is, the finer the surface will be.

  • Multiple sharpening stages
  • To make sure that the model you choose is as versatile as possible and that it can be of a great use in different situations, you must look for one that has multiple sharpening stages. This is ensured by a combination of grit, more precisely the sharpener should be composed of both a coarse material that reshapes edges and a fine material that is great for touch-ups and polishing.

  • Adjustable angles
  • For the tool to be convenient and easy to use, you must look for a model that features adjustable angles. This will make it easy for you to hold the tool and operate with it as you will always find the right angle. Therefore, you have to look for a model that can adjust to multiple angles to ensure that you will have an easy time using it.