I will display the method of the way I rehandle western knives. The mules are Hiromoto AS knives – a gyuto & a santoku. The gyuto will probably be getting a hidden tang conversion, the santoku will obtain complete tang scales.

First we see the knives laid out along side all the fabrics required. The picket has been reduce right down to measurement, squared up, and the scales (for the santoku) were reduce in addition to have their G10 liners glued up.

(The picket is not in reality referred to as “baconwood” – the landlord dubbed it this identify because it reminds her of bacon)

The blades are wrapped in protecting tape after which the scales have been got rid of from the handles. Sorry no footage, I must have taken some however I forgot. The process is to grind the heads of the rivets off after which punch them out – scales fall off.

The holes within the tangs have been drilled out to a bigger measurement to house the pins I exploit. Should you’re questioning why I wish to drill the holes out, the Eastern use rivets with massive heads but tiny shafts so the manufacturing facility pin holes are very small. The tangs are hardened and require a carbide drill bit to chop thru them.

Right here you can see the knives laid out on the level in a position to have the picket connected. I’ve some extra becoming to nonetheless do to make sure a blank are compatible up however in a different way the next move will probably be mounting the picket.

You’ll be able to realize that the gyuto’s tang has been flooring right down to make the hidden tang conversion. The landlord asked a hidden tang maintain in this knife as a result of she needs to turn the utmost quantity of “baconwood”as imaginable.

Right here I am drilling the pin holes for the santoku. I carry the entire meeting (knife incorporated) to the drill press to drill my pin holes. I have discovered through the years that if I do it this manner I will be able to make one go thru each scales and get highest alignment with no need to run the chance of over-sizing the holes from drilling the second one scale as is extra usually carried out. *Word – Doing the drilling like this works nice for tapered tangs – highest are compatible each and every time.

I end the holes by way of the use of a reamer (proven within the image) to get the very best measurement for a (expectantly) highest are compatible.

I then reduce out the form (development) for the scales.

Listed here are the santoku scales with pins inserted section means, in a position for glue up.

I then moved onto drilling out the tang hollow within the “baconwood” block.

Then onto the joys section – burning within the tang!

The method begins out by way of heating the tang’s tip to orange colour (highly regarded).

Then I push it on house, now and again we get flames.

Additionally quite a lot of smoke too. Excellent factor I’ve a dirt collector arrange underneath sucking the smoke out of the store.

Then in the end I drilled the only pin hollow that this maintain could have.

Now for mounting & gluing…..

The picket is fastened and epoxied – treatments in a single day. 

Listed here are the knives after glue up, clamps got rid of.

Right here I reduce the gyuto maintain profile from the baconwood block.

The picket is in a position for shaping.

Tough shaping the picket into the type of a maintain. That is the pucker section.

Each handles are tough formed the use of a 36x grit belt adopted by way of an 80x belt which you notice within the footage above. I grind the bolsters on the similar time to get a flush are compatible. 

I then undergo a sequence of belts as much as 220x.

Now to form the curl (now and again known as the fowl’s beak) segment of the maintain. Since I do not need a pleasing small wheel attachment for my belt grinder I’ve to make use of little drum sander spindles within the drill press.

Here is what I am taking a look to reach.

I then use sandpaper strips to (shoeshine) form the curl (fowl’s beak) right into a at ease grip. This step is necessary for the reason that wrap round arms land right here.

Here is what I am after.

Now again to the grinder for some refinement, I take each and every maintain up thru to 400x. The handles are actually in a position for hand sanding & oiling.

The handles were rainy sanded with each high-quality sandpapers after which with very high-quality metal wool.

I then seal the picket thru oiling. I can get started this procedure proceeding on for no less than two days, till I am getting simply the correct degree of end I am searching for. 

Right here they’re completed up…